Lombok bike trip fund since 2009 and initiatived by an experienced biking guide Toni to accomadate several client request who want to see us to be a profesional. this website creatted to give more information to who intresting to explore lombok by push bike, based our experience we will serve friendly and bussinesly.

After long search and bike around the island and check the route for several time so they know all the route very well then they are ready to offer the tour to bring you to discover Lombok and find your new experience in new atmosphere of rural living of friendly Lombok peoples, rice field, villages, and beaches, all of these you can get while you traveling with “Lombok Bike Trip”

Besides provide bike trip we also provide bike rent, soft trekkig, snorkeling trip, and surffing class. Thats all about us. Hope you are interesting to joint with us. Thank you

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